Account creation and password recovery

This page describes how to manage your account on, an Aleph instance operated by the OCCRP. If your organization runs its own in-house Aleph instance, the information on this page may not apply.

When I enter the code from my 2FA app to log in to Aleph, it says it is incorrect. I tried several times and it did not work. What should I do?

If you are receiving an error message after putting in your one time password, this issue is most likely caused by the current time on your phone or laptop. Follow the troubleshooting steps below:

Using macOS?

  1. Click on the Apple logo in the upper left-hand corner and select System preferences from the dropdown menu. In the System Preferences, go to Date and Time.

  2. Click the lock icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the window, then enter your administrator password to unlock the lock. (The settings are dimmed when locked).

  3. In the Date and Time pane, make sure that Set date and time automatically is selected and your Mac is connected to the internet. Your Mac can then get the current date and time from the network time server selected in the adjacent menu.

Using Windows?

  1. To set your time and time zone in Windows 10, go to StartSettingsTime & languageDate & time.

  2. Turn on Set time automatically and Set time zone automatically.

Using an iPhone?

  1. Go to SettingsGeneralDate and Time.

  2. Turn on Set Automatically. The iPhone now gets the correct time over the network and updates it for the timezone you are in. Some networks don’t support network time, so in some countries or regions, an iPhone may not be able to automatically determine the local time.

Using Android?

  1. Go to Settings and click on Date and Time.

  2. Click on Automatic. If this option is turned off, check that the correct Date, Time, and Time zone are selected.

If you followed the above troubleshooting steps and are still experiencing issues, please contact OCCRP’s IT Helpdesk using this form.

I already have an Aleph account but I do not remember my username. Is there a way to recover it?

Your Aleph account’s username is the email address you used to register. If you are entering the correct email address and are experiencing issues logging into Aleph, please contact OCCRP’s IT Helpdesk.

I removed my 2FA app/lost my phone and I cannot log in to Aleph. What should I do?

In either of the above situations, you will have to reset the password to your Aleph account. Please follow the instructions to reset your password.

I tried everything and I can’t log in to Aleph? How do I get in touch with OCCRP to ask for assistance?

If you followed all of the above troubleshooting steps and are still experiencing issues accessing your Aleph account, please contact OCCRP’s IT Helpdesk.