Welcome to the Aleph User Guide and Technical Documentation

Are you a journalist or researcher?

Our user guide helps you getting started with Aleph and has step-by-step instructions that help you get the most out of Aleph.

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Are you a developer or an admin?

Our technical documentation has resources on how to install, run, and extend Aleph, as well as information on Aleph’s architecture.

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About Aleph

Aleph is a data platform created and maintained by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP). The tool was built to help investigative journalists track people and companies, usually as part of their corruption investigations.

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What Aleph can do for you

  • 👀 Find insights in large volumes of data
  • ☁️ Securely upload documents and leaks
  • 📄 Make scanned documents searchable
  • 🕸 Visualize relationships with network diagrams
  • 🏢 Compare names of people and companies against hundreds of datasets
  • 📆 Create timelines of events

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We provided limited community support for qualifying individuals and organizations.

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