About investigation workspaces

Investigations workspaces within Aleph allow you to upload, edit, and organize data or documents related to a project or topic of interest – and they can be shared with other users or access groups within Aleph. Uploading documents to investigation workspaces has many advantages:


Uploading documents to Aleph provides an easy way to share access to large sets of documents with your colleagues and collaborators.

Text extraction

Aleph extracts text from images and PDF files, allowing you to search for key terms of interest in files that would otherwise prove difficult to search.

Names, phone numbers, addresses, …

Aleph is trained to recognize and extract mentions of people, companies, phone numbers, addresses, and IBAN numbers contained in documents you upload, allowing you to easily find other documents containing matching mentions.

E-mail archives

When uploading a set of e-mails, Aleph automatically extracts structured information like the sender, receiver, cc’ed entities, and attachments, making it easy to filter the uploaded data for messages sent from or to a specific person.