Searching within other contexts

In addition to the Aleph site-wide search which we have covered, there are a handful of additional, more precise contexts in which you can search.

Searching within a single dataset

On the homepage for a source dataset you will notice a search bar in the top right corner. This search bar allows you to search the contents of that dataset.

Additionally, various overview statistics highlight the most frequently appearing names, addresses, types of entities, and more. Clicking one of these values will automatically bring you matches for that specific value within the dataset.

The results returned for a intra-dataset search look much the same as those returned for the Aleph site-wide search, and can be filtered and refined in exactly the same way.

Searching within a folder

Datasets or investigations that are organized hierarchically allow you to search just within the contents of a given folder or package within the dataset.

Searching within a document

One of the most valuable assets that Aleph provides is the ability to extract text from less search-friendly document types like PDFs. Viewing these documents in Aleph allows you to search within the extracted text contents of the original.

Results for such searches are returned by the page on which they were found.

Searching within a network diagram

It is possible to search the contents of a network diagram by entering a search term in the diagram search bar in the upper right corner above the diagram.

In this way, Aleph provides multiple different search contexts to allow you to focus your search within a dataset, folder, document, or diagram of specific interest.