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Aleph is an open source project developed by staff and volunteers. Everyone is invited to participate in the community, ask questions and contribute to the software.

While the Aleph source code is openly available and licensed, the community support for the system is subject to some criteria. Please refer to our Support Policy.

Slack Community

Most discussion and support takes place on the Aleph Slack. Please follow the steps lined out in the Aleph Support Policy to receive an invitation for the community.


If you notice a defect with the software, head on over to GitHub to file an issue report. Remember to include information about what you were trying to accomplish, and what specific operating system you are using.

OCCRP Aleph Support

For questions related to the instance of Aleph operated by the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP), contact the data team using this form. Our data team provides assistance to individuals and groups engaged in public interest journalism. We do not currently offer commercial support and consultancy related to Aleph.


If you are a whistleblower and wish to share confidential information with the press, this community of software developers is not the ideal place to do so. Contact a journalistic organisation instead.