Frequently Asked Questions

Here we collect common questions asked by users of Aleph. If you are a looking for technical information, also check the technical FAQ.

It’s either a company, organisation or person. The term legal entities are used when we don’t know for sure.

Aleph is often used to search public data, such as companies registries or procurement datasets. Some of these datasets mention directors or suppliers but do not specify whether the given entity is a person, company or even a public body. Since this distinction is sometimes hard to derive from a name alone, we use legal entity as a stand-in.

How can I make a dataset or investigation public?

For quality control purposes, normal users on Aleph cannot make their investigation public. Publishing is reserved for system administrators.

With an admin account (see the Technical FAQ on how to set one up), you can open up the dataset settings, and select a different dataset category in that screen. As soon as you select a category other than “Investigation”, additional options for provenance become visible. The “Share” dialog will also now list an option to make the dataset public.

Does Aleph do entity extraction?

Yes. Loads. It’s nerdy.

Does Aleph have hotkeys / keyboard shortcuts?

Yes. Press the ’?’ key to see all available hotkeys for the current context.